Saturday, 14 July 2012

We havehad a fabulous day in Haiti today. It started by heading across the border for the last time and we will stay in Ouanaminthe for the next 2 nights. We met with the church leaders this morning and Vic spoke about evangelism. To be fair the church is already very good at that because they did street evangelism and 36 people came to Jesus. We then went with the ladies of the church to buy the food for the big Meal tomorrow. Let's just say it wasn't quite like a trip to Tesco. We bought 20 chickens still alive and then hung them all on a pole attached to the back of a motorbike back to the church. Back at the church the ladies proceeded to kill the chickens and then skin them. There is also lots of rice and tomatoes and limes and garlic. The women of the church will be cooking all night and feeding nearly 600 people tomorrow. It is a real joy to be able to have fellowship in this way with the church. We have developed strong bonds in this team and really moved the relationship forward. We had a good chat with the pastor about sponsoring more children in Haiti and also helping some of the reliable people in the church get to university. We can make a real difference to people's life here provided God moves the hearts of people back home to sacrifice their money. We also visited two hospitals today and it is heartbreaking to see the conditions. Particularly the UNICEF tents for cholera victims. If we could bring a mission medic team here that would be amazing. We then saw a proper football game with lots of people watching. Vic could see a team in green and white playing there soon. Please check out the to see how we are trying to use football to raise money for the school. We are finishing the night having dinner in Ouanaminthe. It is fried chicken all round. This has been a wonderful day and tomorrow will be amazing too. This will be the last blog for the team until we are home. Thanks for all your prayers this far and please pray for tomorrow and that we will get home safe. As a leader of the team can I end by saying a heartfelt thanks to the team. Thy have all been wonderful. Lisa's wit and maturity beyond her years has been fantastic for the team. Anna's joy with the children, her kindness to the children and to me (despite my jokes) has been wonderful. Jan is so caring and really looks after the rest of the team and provides us with a fair bit of unintentional humour. Vic has been a rock and his wisdom and insight not to mention his commitment to the people of Haiti has been an inspiration to me (he will give me a kicking for this). I can't thank them all enough for their willingness to make friends and dive in to every situation. Thanks Guys. His Bless you all. As I finish writing this a jazz band has just set up and started playing and they are amazing. This is a great night and a great end to a great day.

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