Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Ouanaminthe at last.

We have made it to Ouanaminthe although it took till Monday night. We flew from Port au Prince to Cap Haitian on Tortuga air in a very dodgy plane. The flight was amazing though and it was a real blessing to see so much of Haiti from the air. It is a very beautiful country For Vic and I the journey from Cap Haitian to Ouanaminthe on the bus was a bit like coming home. It really is such a privilege to be back and to meet the people we got to know from last year. The first stop was the church and it has changed a lot which is such an encouragement. Unfortunately we were too late to get across the border into our hotel in Dajabon and so we spent the night in Ouanaminthe. It really gave all of us a new insight into just how tough life is in Haiti. We slept at the pastors house and had dinner in a local restaurant. Walking the streets in the darkness is a reminder of how blessed we are to live in the UK. The more travel I do I'm the world the more convinced I am that what we have at home is the exception not the norm. Sleep was not easy to come by to be honest partly because of the bugs but mainly thanks to the dogs the cockerels and the pleasant chap who started shouting into a microphone at 5am. We will be staying in Haiti again for several nights on the way home so please continue to pray for that. The main issues are that we have enough drinking water and that we won't catch any nasty bugs. I have to say at this point that the three girls on the team have been truly amazing and an inspiration. It was a very hard journey and they have coped with everything so well and with grace and joy. They have been a real blessing to Vic and I. In truth I am the weak link of the team. When we got up we had our first time with the kids in the church. We had the chance to play duck duck goose and the kids lived that. It means a lit to all the people we meet that we have come back again. For us it is fantastic to see them again and we can already see our relationships deepen. Please keep praying for us on the team. We have had a light day today (Wednesday) but from now on the program is pretty full. Thanks for all your support and your prayers it is much appreciated.

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