Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fun in the sun

Thursday 12th July
Our chauffeur's arrived early this morning and escorted us to Ouanaminthe. That trip has become so familiar now. Jan and I were dropped off at the border so the Pastor could go and make sure the others were ok. We found ourselves in a very surreal moment, sitting under an umbrella, on the border of Dajabon and Ouanaminthe with complete strangers. However, we managed to make friends with them by buying a pen from their stall.
As we arrived in the church, all the leaders had already gathered and were sitting in their groups eager to get strated. There was a buzz of exciteent and slight nervousness around the room. It was a strange feeling trying to prepare ourselves to go and walk the streets of Ouanaminthe telling people about the gospel. What a priviledge to be used by God in this way.
I was put in a group with a Haitian man from the church who doesn't understand or speak a word of English. So it was a challenging two hours as we walked round the village square and had conversations in a strange language. But again all I could do was thank God for the opportunity and the chance to be part of his work. It wasn't till we spoke to the last group of people that we found some folk who spoke English. Three guys who are local engineers, who were very keen to learn more about God and promised to come to church on Sunday.
We all gathered in the church afterwards and shared some of our expereinces. As a result, 36 people accepted Jesus into their lives which was overwhelming and a real answer to prayer.

This afternoon we had the chance to go with John Baptiste, who is a young guy from the church, to visit his school in Ouanaminthe. We met Pastor Dave who is the principle of the school and learned of the good work that goes on their.

Vic, Woodsy and I enjoyed walking back through the town and across the border while the girls got the bikes. One thing that I will definitely miss is seeing how people live here and being able to say 'bonjou' to them as we walk past.

Tonight has been another night in Cafe Beller, with lots of banter and laughs. (Probably due to the overdose of sun that we have all had today!) And to top it all, Vic and I had a wee dance in the rain. A very 'special' moment!

God is using us in many ways out here and showing new blessing every day.
Thanks for all your prayers and support :)

p.s. Lisa is awesome...

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